The Perfect Final Touches to Your Bar

Decorate Mobile Bar for EventsWant something that bit more unique for your next event? No one wants to host an event where you guests have seen it all before. Any host or event planner will be trying to come up with the next best event theme, entertainment, and those perfect finishing touches to take your event from good to amazing.

Those finishing touches don’t just have to stop with room and table decorations, have you even thought about dressing up your bar as well?

Here are a couple of tips and tricks to adding those personalised, final touches to your Mobile Bar.

Corporate and Personal Branding

Branded Mobile Bar for EventsBranded mobile bars are the perfect way to strengthen a company image at corporate events or just to make that birthday party or wedding even more special. Whether it’s round bars, cocktail bars or lightweight bars; why not bring the professionalism and sentiment to your next event by adding logo’s, images, names or a short slogan. You will be sure to leave your guests impressed!

Mobile Bar Decorations

Want to carry a theme throughout the whole of your venue? Or just want to make your mobile bar more appealing? There are many simple and cost – effective ways to ‘dress up’ your mobile bar;

Bouquets/Flowers are a simple but effective form of decoration for any kind of event. From bouquets of gypsophila to hanging rose garlands, they really do seem to do the trick on their own!

Fairy Lights although arguably considered a ‘Christmas Decoration’, in our opinion they are perfectly suitable for events all year round and really help to jazz up any item, room or venue. Simply drape these across the bar front, or on the back wall to highlight all of the products on show for that extra bit of pizzazz!

Rustic Crates are such a simple but very effective way to create that perfect vintage, rustic vibe that you want for your event. Simply use these on the bar to showcase your best wines or premium spirits – the idea is you want these crates to be seen.


Bunting is a very cost-effective way of adding a splash of colour to any occasion. The great thing about bunting is that it can be customised to suit any holiday, season or corporation! Red & Green for the Christmas festive period, pastel colours for a spring baby shower or why not even tailor it to include your logo for additional advertising and promotion?

Use The Venue For Inspiration – Chances are, if you’ve chosen a venue with a particular theme or style, it’s because this fits in with your personal preferences. So why not use your Mobile Bar to enhance this theme? Maybe your venue is an ‘au naturale’ barn, so utilise this by having a wooden bar unit with real foliage, bark flooring or hay stacks for seating. You may have gone for a vintage, rustic venue so delve deep into every era that you’ve lived through (or wished you had experienced). The wonderful thing about vintage is how eclectic it is, so nothing really has to match at all and it would still be very on trend.

Light Up the Room and the Hearts of your Guests

A couple of lanterns scattered around can really change the mood and ambience of an area. You can go small with a few table-top lanterns placed on top of the bar unit for a subtle authenticity, or why not have 2 – 3 of our Tonto Lanterns to the side of the bar for an elegant and sophisticated finish. These very stylish Stainless Steel candle lanterns come with a practical side opening and are made of stainless steel, which means they are suitable for use inside or out!

Send a Message with Hand Printed Chalkboards

These are a stylish way of displaying important information to your guests. Perhaps you want to showcase special drinks or prices from your bespoke bar menu? Or maybe you want to display directions to different parts of the venue in a fancy way? Whichever design you go for, this is a definite for getting noticed by your guests – which is the whole idea!

LED Furniture

LED Bar and FurnitureIt comes as no surprise to us that LED furniture is increasingly becoming more popular and ‘in-demand’. A few pieces of LED furniture dotted around a room or marquee really makes for fabulous ambience lighting – combined with perfectly functional additional seating for your guests, you really can’t go wrong.

Specialised Drinks

We all have that ‘go to’ drink when it comes to celebrating an occasion, why not bring a touch of your personality to your event by serving your favourite, specialised drink to all your guests? Perhaps, you want to supply local ales or rare wines with a sentimental reason behind. Or why not really impress your guests and bring the fun to your event with our fantastic Jägermeister machine for those more-ish mixers!

Get In Touch If You Need Help Bringing Those Final Touches to Your Event

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