10 Reasons Why YOU Should Have A Cash Bar At Your Next Event

The planning for the big day has begun. First step – searching for a venue. You want your guests to be able to let loose and want to involve drinking, so the only option would be hiring a venue with a bar, right? Wrong.

Whilst you may think you’ve hit the jackpot as hiring a venue with a bar means you have everything provided to you in one place, this likely means that the venue is able to charge whatever they like for their drinks, usually proving to be quite costly. This also means that you don’t have any say on what kind of bar you would like, where you would like the bar, how you would like the bar… need we go on?

You then may think that you don’t need anything too fancy and that you are more than capable of providing a table/bar full of drinks for guests to help themselves but have you thought of the costs that would go into this? Or the consequences of guests consumed by alcohol pouring their own drinks?

With all this in mind, why don’t more people hire Mobile Cash Bars for their events? One possibility could be that you don’t realise how simple this option actually is? Well, in our latest blog we have pulled together our 10 reasons why this could be the most logical option for you, by the end of this post, you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of this before!

Less Hassle/Stress

Now if I were to tell you that we will take care of EVERYTHING; the bar front, the fridges, the glassware, the stock, the licensing; for a small deposit of £300, you would think this was crazy right? Well, it’s true. We will take care of everything! As long as you have 100+ guests attending your event and the bar will be serving for 6+ hours, we really will provide everything that you need for a fully functioning bar. This includes experienced and professional staff with a passion for serving guests.


One of the biggest advantage points of a Mobile Bar (although quite obvious) is its mobility! A mobile bar can be set up wherever you like, however you like and whenever you like! Regardless if required for a Christmas party at a venue, a marquee in your garden for a special occasion, or even on a river cruise boat (it has happened!). We can have the bar set up either the day before or on the day of the event and then taken down and cleared away completely back to normal, on the same night of your event within the hour!

Affordable Alternative

As I have mentioned before, all we require from you is a £300 deposit, which will then be refunded once the agreed minimum bar revenue has been reached, which is already very affordable in itself! Now to accompany our already affordable prices is our brilliant and very competitive menu. We provide a wide variety of different products, such as draught lager/cider, brand named spirits, wines, prosecco and a variety of soft drinks at very competitive prices that would rival most bars and pubs! If you would like your guests to buy their own drinks, you may not necessarily have to spend a penny with us.

A Varied Selection

Don’t get caught out trying to make the most out of a unit you really dislike! Having a mobile bar at your event means that it is tailored to your preferences, so choose whichever bar you wish to have at your party, whether it is LED, wooden, black or stainless steel, it is your choice!

In addition to this the varied selection of drinks will give you and your guests everything you need; we can even tailor the menu to your specific requirements – adding our removing anything your particularly want or definitely dislike. This is your event, like everything else, you should be able to tailor the bar to what best suits you.

Creative and Unique

Why not be the first of your friends and family to start the trend of mobile bars at your event? Leave your guests amazed by having a tailored bar with elegant final touches to fit your theme. No future event will be complete without a mobile bar! One thing your event won’t be remembered as is boring.


One of the main selling factors of a mobile bar, is how professional they actually are! Fully functional taps will be set up on site, full and proper glassware is provided to suit all drink types, cash registers to ensure the correct change is distributed and professional, experienced bar staff who genuinely do have a passion for providing high standard service to guests.

The mobile bar will look like it has a permanent position wherever it has been placed!

Dotting The I’s and Crossing The T’s

Now if this is your first time hosting an event, you may not be aware of the legal procedures required to be able to serve alcohol in a premises. Let us take care of the technical stuff for you. A mobile bar package includes the financial cost and time involved in applying for a TENs license, which we are more than happy to do to ensure that your bar is efficient, safe and most of all, legal.

The Social Aspect

You may have noticed that people’s intended purpose when going out to bars is to socialise, whether it be with friends or complete strangers. Why not bring this to your next event? A bar quite quickly becomes the main focus at most events, where people will gather round waiting for drinks whilst socialising with whoever is waiting with them! Create interesting conversations or new friendships with the buzz of a fully flowing bar.

Who wants to clear up with a hangover?

This is probably one of the biggest negative factors about hosting your own event, the clear up. Well worry no longer! Our Mobile Bar package includes the full clear down of all bar equipment, glassware, fridges etc. within the hour (depending on the access to the venue). We will take all empty bottles and rubbish from our bar with us and restore the venue completely back to normal, ta da!

It Really Is The Easiest Solution!

The only thing you need to worry about, is sending over a Completed Mobile Bar Booking Form to us in plenty of time to ensure we don’t get booked out on your date!

Want to Book a Mobile Bar for your Next Event?

If we have convinced you enough to have a Mobile Cash Bar at your next event, please feel free to contact us for a bespoke bar package, further details and information and we will be more than happy to assist.